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Working in the Finger Lakes Region, we know how to protect your lakefront property from battering waves and debris. Concrete break-walls are the most effective way to safeguard against rising water, floating tree trunks, and ever-changing tides.

Truly skilled tradesmen are hard to find. Our highly qualified craftsmen are perfectionists when it comes to their work. From framing new construction to replacing stairs along an embankment, our carpentry services will exceed your highest expectations.

As a structural renovator, solid foundations and structures are our forte. Frost heave, geography, gravity, improper drainage, termites…these are all factors that contribute to the eventual erosion and structural instability of your home or property. We provide concrete solutions!

Demolition is a large part of most of our work. Structural renovations require time, energy, and resources to get the job done. We bring the right crew and the right equipment for any demolition project big or small.

Our knowledge of septic systems, electric materials, plumbing, etc is unmatched. We only install the best. Your utilities will work efficiently and make sense. We never cut corners and always consider safety and building codes.

Compact track loaders, dump trucks, and excavators, Diversified has them all - and if we don’t, it’s because they aren’t the best. Operating machines is an important and necessary part of the job. Our team stays professional in and out of the cab of a truck.

Our CAD drafter will give you a glimpse of what the exterior of the home will look like when we are done with it. Our carpenters and craftsmen will get it done.

Are you experiencing any of the following: foundation heaving or settling, sagging or uneven floors & ceilings, cracked drywall or plaster, collapsing retaining or break walls or damp & moldy crawl spaces? Protect your home from foundational issues and keep your family safe.

If your home isn’t quite where you want it, let us pour a new foundation and move it for you. Homes are jacked up on cribbing and then carefully placed on a track to be moved to the new location.

Jacking and Leveling a house is a procedure that allows access to repair foundation issues and sagging floors and ceilings, etc. Precision, accuracy, and safety are crucial elements when completing this task.

Whether it is a modest fishing cabin or a year-round lakehouse, we can help create the property of your dreams. For 45 years, we have been renovating, replacing, excavating, and building on the Finger Lakes. We are 100% insured and bring the best equipment for the job.

Diversified has all the tools to produce concrete pads for barns, home, gazebos, and more. We can lay the groundwork for your new build or finish your project from the foundation through the roof!

Radiant heating supplies heat directly to the floor with a system of pex tubing built into the flooring. We have been installing radiant flooring in our customer’s homes for decades.

Whether it is finishing a basement or installing your dream kitchen, Diversified Contracting, Co. will be your guide along the design highway. Our team of skilled craftsmen have the experience and eye for detail to turn your dream home into a reality.

Retaining walls provide support for the soil so that two levels can be kept on either side. Our experience in retaining walls ranges from 30-foot walls to 4-foot walls. Secured with rebar and proper drainage, our retaining walls are the best.

Installing a new septic system is a unique process of excavation and plumbing. Diversified has the knowledge and equipment to install the proper system on your property.

If you have driven by our equipment yard in Naples, NY, you know we have equipment. If you have unwanted trees and brush or need a well dug, we can get the job done. Our operators are knowledgeable and professional. We will keep your property neat and safe.

Our equipment is the best! We invest in quality tools and equipment to remove trees, brush, and more from your property. We keep our worksites clean and remove the debris safely.

A walkout foundation offers functional living space and easy access to the ground level for your cottage, home, etc. We know how to give your home a solid foundation with livable space that is waterproof and designed for functional use.

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Projects that are currently still in progress - once projects are completed, all photos are uploaded. So beware that some of these files on have before photos or before and during photos. 

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