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Don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what our customers have to say.

“ You and your workers did a great job. I am very satisfied and have recommended Diversified to others. ”

— Jo Ellen R.

“ Having lived in the house for almost a year, we are more and more aware of the great job you and your crew did in all phases of the reconstruction from raising it 8 feet to replacing all of the rotten, mildew and moldy sills and floor joists. The radiant heating system worked well and it was a pleasure walking on the warm floors in our stocking feet in cold weather. ”

— Richard S.

“ We are very happy with your work and are glad to have had the opportunity to have met your family and employees. They are all professionals in every sense. Any time we have the chance we will be happy to let people know how pleased we are and what a great job your crew has done for us. They were all friendly, polite, informative, and we felt comfortable putting our complete trust in them. ”

— Mike & Debbie S.

“ The work you did on my camp looks great. ”

— Greg S.

“ Thanks for doing such a great job on my Aurora property, dealing with your company was a breath of fresh air. ”

— Kathleen W.

“ I am so grateful to the Diversified Contracting crew for the tremendous job you did on restoring our 90 year lake front cottage. With sagging foundation and outdated plumbing and electrics, our beloved summer home was deteriorating a bit more each year. Your hard work, skillful execution, and attention to detail brought it back to the warm, welcoming home the family has known for three generations. And, thanks to you, the next generation will be building memories here! ”

— Mary L.

“ We wanted to let you all know how very much we appreciate the work you did for us in giving our old farmhouse a new lease on life. We tell people that the new upstairs is very nice, but the MIRACLE is in the basement! Thanks so much for your quality work. ”

— Anne & Karel

“ I really appreciate all the attention you guys have given this project and can’t wait to keep rollin with future stuff. ”

— Casey & Carrie G.

“ We went to the cottage yesterday to welcome my family and give them a tour and were stunned with the beauty! ”

— David & Margie F.

“ I want to say how pleased we are with the work that was done in our basement. Everything seemed to go smoothly and the crew was always very professional and a pleasure to work with. ”

— Josh & Caroline F.

“ We were at the cottage this weekend and everything looks great. We are very pleased. Your team did an excellent job and was worth every penny! ”

— Allan & Theresa C.

“ We would like to say Thank you to Brandon & crew for a great job well done. We are very pleased with our basement. ”

— Ken & Darlene L.

“ You did a nice job! ”

— Tom & Becky G.

“ Please pass along to all your workers how pleased we are with the cottage. The workmanship of all is excellent. We enjoyed working with all of you. Thanks! ”

— Ken W., Honeoye, NY

“ We want to thank you and all of Diversified Contracting for the excellent work that was done. All who visit are impressed by the meticulous workmanship. Please pass this along to your entire crew and thank them for us. It was a pleasure to work with all of you. ”

— The Wolffs

“ We want you all to know how we appreciate the wonderful job you did on our cottage(which everyone now calls the Lakeside Mansion). We LOVE being there! ”

— Margie & Phil