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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Your home is a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle. With that in mind, choosing a contractor for your new construction or existing renovation project is a big decision. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you. Please do not hesitate to call 585.374.2972(or toll free: 1.800.327.7051) if you have additional questions. We look forward to serving you!

How long have you been a contractor?
For more than 40 years we have been servicing the Finger Lakes and Western New York region. We are a long time, well established contractor with strong knowledge of every aspect of the building process and codes.
Do you have an actual office location?
Yes, we are located at 150 S. Main Street, Naples, NY 14512. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured. We carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance to guarantee that our customers’ interests are fully protected.
Do you have any references I may contact?
Yes, we happily furnish references upon request. Our customers are eager to share their experience.
Will you provide options for different materials?
Yes, options for different materials are provided, upon request. With our team of experts, we will suggest the best materials for the job first based on our years of experience.
Do you provide me with a clear, written contract?
Yes, all home owners are provided with a professional contract detailing the project goals, requirements, timeline, etc.
What happens if I want something changed midway through the project?
If you desire a change at some point during the project, we will take the time to discuss and implement your needs. We are committed to clear communication and customer satisfaction. A change order will be added to your contract to document your requests.​
What are the payment terms?
Payments are broken up into increments throughout the job process.

First installment- upon contract agreement
Second installment- when the job begins
Subsequent installments- as the job progresses

Other Helpful Tips

Buyer Beware

A low bid from a contractor is tempting, who doesn’t want a deal? However, when it comes to home projects, the lowest bid is often not the best bid. It could be a sign of cheap materials, poor craftsmanship, inadequate safety precautions, inexperience or lack of insurance. Far more important than a low bid is the reputation, experience and track record of the organization that you do choose for your project.

Wondering if we have completed a job like yours before?
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