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Areas of Expertise

Foundation Repair

Structural Renovation is what we do best!
Frost heave, geography, gravity, improper drainage, termites…these are all factors that contribute to the eventual erosion and structural instability of your home. Are you experiencing foundation heaving or settling, sagging or uneven floors & ceilings, cracked drywall or plaster, collapsing retaining walls or break walls or damp & moldy crawl spaces? Protect your home from foundational issues and keep your family safe.

House and Building Moving

House and Building moving requires a tremendous amount of patience, skill and talent. These traits combined with experience and top of the line equipment make the perfect package when choosing a company to assist you with your needs. As a long time member of the International Structural Movers Association,

Diversified Contracting has a list of successful residential & commercial house and building moves under it’s belt.

Check out our You Tube Video and watch a 62 ton building being moved 125 feet. Our team executed this move in just 2 days!

Jacking and Leveling

Jacking and Leveling a house is a procedure that allows access to repair foundation issues, sagging floors and ceilings, etc. Precision, accuracy and safety are crucial elements when completing this task.

As a structural renovator, solid foundations are our business. Key points are executed with the utmost attention to detail, providing stability and assurance every time.

Interior Renovation

Home improvements, remodeling, interior renovation- call it by any name, but the way it makes you feel is universal. There is no better satisfaction than repairing or upgrading your surroundings.

Whether it is getting that little powder room from the 70’s up to date or the dream kitchen that has been on your wish list for years, Diversified Contracting will be your guide along the design highway. Our team of skilled professionals have the experience and eye for detail to turn your home into a show place. Go ahead, be the envy of your neighborhood!